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Headline Bradford

April 2012 meeting – report by Peter Richmond

The main part of April’s meeting was given over to Colin Sutton, who showed a number of his photographic sequences which are produced using a combination of RISC OS and PC hardware and software. Colin brought his own Digital Light Processing (DLP) video/data projector (as opposed to our 3 × LCD model) to ensure a good quality picture, and as ever his photos shone through.

One of the stills sequences showed how part of Bradford had been converted by a film crew to look like a 60s version of Berlin – complete with fake cafes, shop fronts, Wall and a ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ border crossing with guards and a look-out tower. This was all for a ‘made for television’ film in the late 80s. There were two other sequences around Bradford, looking at a large-scale fire and the floods that occasionally hit the city due to the fact that Bradford Beck flows right underneath the centre.

As a short follow-up to the subject of emulators and programs for the BBC Micro, Steve Bass followed Colin by loading up some software that had started life on a cassette tape. This had been ‘rescued’ and converted to a format suitable for use with BeebEm, which can run on a PC. Steve did just this, using the Club’s RisCube.

Finally Peter Richmond ended the evening by looking at some more hints and tips for RISC OS software and hardware.

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