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The WROCC Newsletter

WROCC members receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, The WROCC. Produced in A5 format, it contains articles on RISC OS and its software, hints and tips, information about the subjects covered in our meetings, and much more.

Copies are produced in PDF format and either emailed out or made available for download from the members’ area of this site. In addition to a ‘one page per A5 sheet’ version, a ‘two-up on A4’ version of each issue is available to help those who prefer to print their copies out for reading.

A selection of older issues are available for download below.

An index of the articles found between issues 6.1 and 33.12 of the newsletter has been produced by John Arthur, and can be downloaded here as a PDF document. Volume 6 coincided with the release of RISC OS, and prior to that the newsletter was mainly short hints and tips.

    Download: General Index, Vol 6 to 32 (84 KBytes)
    Download: Authors Index, Vol 6 to 32 (48 KBytes)
    Download: Software Index, Vol 6 to 32 (37 KBytes)

The Wakefield Back Catalogue

Relaunched on the completion of Volume 33 of The WROCC in March 2016, the sixth edition of Wakefield Back Catalogue contains PDF copies of the Club’s monthly newsletters going from The WROCC and Awake right back to the very first “hints & tips” sheet handed out at the April 1983 meeting.

First available at the 2016 Wakefield Show, the new disc contains around 396 issues and is for both members and non-members alike. See the Wakefield Back Catalogue for more details on what it contains and how to make sure that you get your copy.

The WROCC Guide to Networking

Starting in late 2009, the Club has been publishing a series of articles on networking in the newsletter. Two years on, we’ve turned them into a stand-alone guide to the subject of networking RISC OS systems. See the WROCC Guide to Networking page for more information on what the booklet contains and how to get hold of your copy.

Part 1

By April 2010 there had been enough articles published to create the first 20 page A5 booklet; launched at the 2010 Wakefield Show, this covers the basics of setting up a network that contains RISC OS machines and is available for purchase to members and non-members alike. For more details about the first instalment, see the Networking Guide’s page.

Part 2

Launched in April 2011 at the Wakefield Show, Part 2 of the WROCC Guide to Networking continues where Part 1 left off and looks at file transfer and the RISC OS firewall. For more details about the second part of the Guide, see the Networking Guide’s page.


Here are some old back-issues of The WROCC, which can be downloaded in PDF format to give an idea of what the newsletter is about. More recent issues, along with any additional files which were distributed with the issues here, are available for download from our members’ area.

The files can be viewed on RISC OS using PDF, which is maintained by Chris Gransden: recent versions ( or later is required to view the newsletter correctly) can be downloaded for free from www.riscos.info/index.php/PDF.

December 2012

In December 2012 the newsletter reported on the previous month’s visit from Mike Cook, where he had demonstrated his RFID-based music sequencer, some Raspberry Pi-based hardware projects and the ‘Spoonduino’. In his final article, the late Colin Sutton described the Super Hi-Vision equipment used to bring the London Olympics to the big screen in Bradford, we took a look at an early version of RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi, and discussed what was required to connect a modern LCD monitor to a RiscPC.

    Download: Vol 30, No 9 – December 2012 (674 KBytes)

January 2013

The January 2013 issue of the newsletter contained a report of the December meeting and included the Christmas Quiz questions for readers to try out for themselves. We looked at the inside story of creating the Back Catalogue CDs, and had a preview of the 2013 Wakefield Show. Some of our members looked at using David Pilling’s SyncDiscs for scripting automatic backups and Snapper for taking screenshots. There was also a quick look at NetSurf’s early Javascript progress.

    Download: Vol 30, No 10 – January 2013 (437 KBytes)

August 2013

Alongside a report on the new risc/pi website, the August 2013 issue of the newsletter reported on the July Meeting’s talks including the options for printing from RISC OS and Peter Richmond’s experiences using RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi. There was also a guide to getting RISC OS up and running on a Pandaboard.

    Download: Vol 31, No 5 – August 2013 (272 KBytes)

June 2014

In the June 2014 issue, the newsletter carried a report of the 2014 Wakefield Show and details of what RISC OS Open had to say at the event. There was a report of the May meeting, where several members looked at interfacing things to a Raspberry Pi, a review of Sine Nomine Software’s RiscOSM mapping software and a guide to changing the iconbar icons used by Uniprint.

    Download: Vol 32, No 3 – June 2014 (819 KBytes)
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