Meeting: Evening of Festive Fun

December 2013

Three-man teams competed in a two part computer-related quiz (the second part with pictures), with mince pies and some amusing video clips in between.

Report by Rick Sterry

This was an evening of Festive Fun, featuring a two-part Acorn and RISC OS related quiz devised by Peter Richmond. We divided into teams of three people (one team had four members, I suspect), and then racked our brains over the first part which comprised seventeen questions. After tucking into some English mince pies, German Stollen, and Belgian biscuits, we watched a few amusing video clips off the internet, before tackling the second part of the quiz. This had six photos of bits of equipment which we had to identify, and in some cases provide further information on. Just to make it more interesting, it seemed as if Peter had photographed the various items by candlelight, using a low resolution camera!

The winning team consisting of Steve Fryatt, Chris Hughes and Steve Bass crushed all opposition with a score of 28 points out of a maximum possible of 33. The team trailing at the back had 15 points, which is still quite respectable. Once again, Peter had set the difficulty level just about right, with no team scoring maximum points and no team suffering humiliation.

The prize, donated by Terry Marsh, was a tub of “Brain Benders – four wooden puzzles that challenge your mind and test your nerves”, or possibly just get on your nerves!