One of the aims of WROCC is to enable its members to help each other use RISC OS. Over the years, there have been many useful tutorials, hints and tips published in our monthly newsletter, discussed on our mailing list or debated at meetings.

This page aims to bring together some of these and make them available to the wider RISC OS community. Of course, these articles represent only a small part of what we’re about as a club – you can find details of how to join us elsewhere on this site.


Mailing Lists in Messenger Pro
Setting up mailing lists in Messenger Pro often seems to confuse – although it’s really simple once you know how it’s done!


I Never Knew That About RISC OS!
A collection of small hints and tips on using RISC OS, from what to do with the pinboard to how to quickly rename a group of files.
Tracing Problems in !Boot
Tracking problems down in the boot sequence can be a tricky problem: logging errors with *dmesg or Martin Avison’s Reporter can help.


Creating Maps in ArtWorks 2
Like Draw, ArtWorks can be used to create professional-looking streetmaps – but how do you do it?
Working With Shapes in ArtWorks
ArtWorks may not contain all of the tools that its sibling, Xara, has on its toolbar, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do the same things.

There are also meeting reports elsewhere on this site which feature explanations of graphical techniques.

Drawing an Insect with ArtWorks
A demonstration of the use of symmetry and the envelope tool to create impressive graphics in ArtWorks 2
Tessellating in ArtWorks
Grids, repetition, cloning and rotation can be combined to create impressive designs.
ArtWorks Animations
Using Artworks to create simple animations, and a digression to look at the ClipView tool.
Artistic Lines
Things that can be done using the new ‘artistic lines’ tool in ArtWorks 2.X2.
Using ArtWorks 2 to create ‘swatches’ – seamlessly repeating graphical patterns which do not tessellate.


Our September 2009 meeting took the form of an evening “demystifying networking”, and it resulted in a series of articles in our newsletter covering different aspects of the subject in more detail. Here is a selection of them.

These three articles form a small part of The WROCC Guide to Networking, which is available to purchase from the Club in A5 printed or PDF form.

An Introduction to Network Addresses
What are network addresses, how do they work and how might you go about picking the right ones to use?
How to Select and Set IP Addresses
How do you choose what IP addresses to use on your network, and how do you actually go about assigning them to your computers?
Looking Up Domain Names
How can your computer hide IP addresses behind more friendly textual domain names?